Patiyala express 2 Catalog

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Kajree presents Latest Collection Patiyala express 2. Launched on October 20, 2016. Presenting Beautiful collection of 12 Ready Made Salwar Kameez, With available sizes of L, XL, XXL , Manufactured From state of the art printing, Handwork, embroidery.
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Patiyala express 2 Catalog

Brand Kajree
Catalog Patiyala express 2
Pcs 12
AVG. Price 0
Full Price 0
Size L, XL, XXL
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Patiyala express 2 Catalog


Kajree, has been known for it top class quality products and exotic Designs, at competitively best prices. Kajree‘s Ready Made Salwar Kameez are well known for its trendy looks, designed by top designers. Kajree is one of the leading brand in Surat manufacturing Ready Made Salwar Kameez.

Jhumarlal Gandhi

We at Jhumarlal Gandhi thrive to protect best interest of customer, by getting them best competitive discounted rates on Kajree‘s product. We do our best to ensure that best quality is provided to our customer, at best competitive prices. all the benefits of discounts provided by Kajree , are given to Our Re sellers, Customer, At minimal commission charges.

Patiyala express 2 Catalog

Patiyala express 2  Catalog

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